Going into research is a committing decision !

The relation between practitioners and researchers has always been a scarce one, unfortunately. Researchers remain too much in their own technical world of expertise, although ost of them are pratictioners themseleves. On the other hand, practitioners often don't understand how usefull research can be to their pratice.

I belive that going into research is a valuable, fruitfull way of self development, and that it is easily accessible. As a humanistic therapist, I know that what i am doing on a daily basis with - and for - my clients is very close to what can be achieved with research. For example, writing a case study is not so far from thinking and spelling out a case for supevision. Of course, it requires a bit more dedication and time. But it is very worthwhile.

I have mainly been interested in understanding how self-administred questionnaires can contribute to the outcomes of a relation-based, humanistic psychotherapy (or not...).

I now am also involved in other research programmes such as Pragmatic case studies.


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