Research : Questionnaires (EN)

Research : using Questionnaires

Questionnaires are usual tools for psychologists, CBT or systemic psychotherapists. It is also odinary process in institutions, where statistic analysis is made relevent thanks to a higher number of respondants.
However, such questionnaires are seldomly used in non-CBT private practice, and never (it seems) in relation to longer-term, humanistic practice. I want to undestand how they can add value to that kind of psychotherapy, and they can participate to evaluate such psychotherapy. 

I am talking here about self-administered questionnaires, that the person fills regularly (after each sessions or between sessions). There are other forms of questionnaires : before the first session, the first session, and the last session, for instance.

The questionnaires i ma refering to are centered on either :

* the client : looking for evolution of criterias regarding the therapy or his life, trying to figure out possible hurdles in the therapy process and outcomes

* the therapist : insight in feelings, drawbacks, vision for the client, ...

* the relation between the client and the therapist

These questionnaires could either be already existing (measures of anxiety, depression, ...), or carved by the therapist. I am however only considering existing questionnaires, as they are well known and documented.

Of course, one cannot use all the possible questionnaires available, it does not make sens. Relying on a research group helps selecting some and inquire into the process.

This research project is both clinical (actualy praticing the use of such questionnaires in relation to my private practice) and theoretical.

Putting up a local or international research support group in that matter is a strong goal for me. If that perspective could be of interest to me, please reach out at :