Research : Pragmatic case studies (EN)

Research : Pragmatic case studies

Case studies have been reevaluated in the last 20 years, and are considered as strong enough to generate sound research. They must go along some specific rules, though, to reach this level. Writing is always a strong incentive into better understanding what we do as therapists. It is also an important base for sharing knowledge, ideas, results, and to support theoretical evolutions in our moving field. 

They have other value to me :
1/ they reconnect psychotherapy, psychotherapists to research through what has founded therapy and research : case studies.
2/ they enpower the clinician again, with important epistemologic updates that almost rules out old objections that have been made to case studies in the past (and with reasons).
3/ they are manageable in the day-to-day therapist workload, and nehance her/his pratice.

The EAGT Committee for Research has put together a very helpfull online forum to promote support among the Gestalt community. It is free of access to all who wishes to get active in research. Please, join us !  


Putting up a local or international research support group in that matter is a strong goal for me. If that perspective could be of interest to me, please reach out at :