Research : Training

Going into research is a committing decision !

One cannot just improvise. Although I believe we are already on a daily basis with our client, doing things that are very close to research, I rekon that some training can help.

I came accross, through collegues, a programme that I hope will help me in that matter. I hope it could also convince you to joign such a programme.

They are too scarce to let them pass by.


Training for research : a programme available to active practitioners

The Danish therapy association has put together an interesting research training programme for practitioners.
The format is light enough so that it is accessible to therapists with a medium-high case laod : 2 hours on line sessions every other Thursday.Intersting fact : the cost will decrease with the growing number of participants ! the more we are, the more fun and the cheapest. Good idea !

You can dowload the brochure here :  International research modules (1.1 Mo)
The next programme could start in november 2023, till december 2024.

Details of dates here : 2023 24 research training for practitioners danish psychotherapy association (449.42 Ko)


If you feel you could be interested in sharing your views on these issues, you can use the following email adress to reach me :